Why Relationships Matter in Business

Mahajan Home is in the business of value creation.

We believe that relationships are essential in building and producing any product or solution.   Over the past 15 years we have developed a comprehensive network of local and global partners which is built on some fundamental values; alignment, collaboration and integrity.  We have traveled the world, learning, sourcing, observing and developing our business.  Your social capital by definition is the form of economic and cultural capital which is central for your social networks. We have attributed this idea to the client experience, the creation of innovative design and development, and our enhanced supply chain—all derived from strong relationships.

Along the way, we have learned some lessons. One of the biggest things we have realized is that building relationships and customizing solutions is one of the driving forces behind what we do.  

Here are our 3 key takeaways on how relationships can be cultivated in business:

1.  Listen more, talk less:  Most people like to talk. We are, at times, interrupting people as they are talking.  Here is a thought—listen. There is such power and value in listening.  The amount of information and insights to be acquired during these moments are quite remarkable. 

2.  Be open and transparent:  Doing what is right for the client is the North Star in which I operate. In a world where we have multiple platforms and channels where people have access to information, being transparent is paramount.  This means sharing information; this means showing levels of vulnerability; this means being human.

3. Make a connection:  Creating relevance to the relationship or organization that you want is critical.  Finding common ground is what binds relationships. Even if you have to dig deep, you will find that we are all connected in some capacity. For me, this applies both internally and externally. Creating connections with your greatest assets, that being your team members, is high on my list of priorities.

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Sumit Mahajan